Shoes and clothes

All clothes/hats/coats/lunchboxes etc must be labelled with your child's name, as we cannot be responsible for any missing items.

Indoor/outdoor shoes
For the health, hygiene and comfort of children attending nursery, parents are asked to provide a pair of slippers/indoor shoes for their child for indoor use.
Children should remove their outdoor shoes on their arrival at nursery (with parental help if required) and place them in the named bag provided by nursery.

Spare Clothes
Children can get very messy at nursery, so we ask that you allocate separate 'nursery clothes' for their time here. Could we also ask that spare clothes are brought into the nursery in case of any accidents (either toilet or wet play!).

Outdoor Play
It is our policy to make sure that the children have a choice of indoor/outdoor play. This could mean that children will be playing out in light rain or sunshine therefore we ask that children are suitably dressed or have suitable clothing in Nursery to wear: i.e. Wellingtons, raincoats, sunhats and sun cream.
We would be grateful if you could provide a pair of Wellingtons to be kept at nursery with your child's name on.

Sun cream
On warm sunny days all children should come to nursery with sun cream already applied, for those children attending full days we will re-apply sun cream at mid-day.
You may supply your own sun cream with the child's name on or nursery sun cream can be used at a cost of £1 per half term.